Skype Italian Lessons

Hello everybody and welcome to my website. If your are here you are probably in love with Italian and Italy and want to learn or improve your language skills.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, you can learn, progress in or maintain your Italian online through interactive live session with me, a native and qualified teacher.

One on one Skype lessons with an experienced teacher are a great solution to learning a language and saving time. Through a live conversation you can have a full immersion language experience at your home or at your work place with an Italian teacher.

During your free trial lesson we can talk about your needs, your interests and make a study plan. I can tell you your language level and give you some tips.

All you need is a free Skype account or if you prefer we can use Google Meet or Zoom as well for our video calls.

Individual tuition lets you improve your fluency quickly because you can have a lot more chances to speak compared to a group course. During a private lesson it is possible to focus on difficult topics,  try to understand some expressions in depth and solve each linguistic doubt you might have.

I usually tailor my lessons but if you want to have an idea of my teaching method and some grammar topics of Italian language, watch my videos. Have a look at my YouTube channel  to find some easy explanations and also my playlists of Italian music and movies that are suitable for students.

Learning Italian is also a wonderful journey through our culture, our art, our history and our marvels. So get started and get ready to speak with Italian people.

Enjoy your study!

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