My Italian Coaching

My Italian Coaching

What is it?

My Italian Coaching is a different concept of learning Italian that incorporates principles, models and competences from the life coaching field.

Within a pre-established package you will learn how to operate and take your responsibility in the process and I will help and motivate you to make your own decisions about your language learning journey.

Who is it suitable for?

My Language Coaching is suitable for Intermediate/Advanced learners who want to achieve a realistic and defined result.  You should commit and dedicate effort and time to the realisation of a goal. My Language coaching requires you to spend time on learning the language with me during our online live sessions on Skype but also that you dedicate time to a bunch of activities alone under my guidance. If you just want to attend a class and not think about much else after, this method is not the right one for you. Please go to my Skype lessons page and check my courses out.

How does it work?

We will work together to agree on your starting point, i.e. your starting level of language in all of its aspects (comprehension and production). I will ask you detailed questions to understand your needs and request an input from you in order to set your goal. The goal should be realistic and clearly defined. We will establish a strategy and set actions to reach your goal. In addition we will schedule a date to review your goal.

What is my proposal?

1. First step:

  • written entry-test via email with a follow up correction and explanation
  • one live meet up of 60 minutes on Skype to set your goal, our strategy, actions and deadlines

2. Second step:

  • a package of live classes with me on Skype consisting of activities on provided materials – the number of live classes will be set according to the specific situation
  • a set of sample activities you can have along the way as models for you to work by yourself
  • my assistance via email and reminders to monitor your progress and ensure you remain focused – only during week days

How long does it take?

Duration and time are essential in My Language Coaching. Before we start a cycle, among other things, we will establish a starting date, an ending date and your package duration in terms of hours.

Why my Italian Coaching is different from standard Skype classes?

Because your role will be much more active and you will have the chance to stay more focused on your goal and result. Instead of being a only student during the time of a class, you will be the protagonist of your learning process. You will finally find your way of learning Italian.

What do you need to start?

A good Internet Connection, a PC and an updated browser and the Skype app. I strongly suggest you avoid using iPad or tablets because we will use a wide range of apps and resources online and  PC is proven to be more stable and reliable.

For further information and enquiries about my fees, please e-mail me at

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